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Outbound email campaigns that generate quality leads & produce an ROI.
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Managed B2B Lead Generation Campaigns – No BS, Just Results.

There’s a metric ton of marketing strategies out there that are supposed to bring your business more customers… but which one is best for you?  For the past 20+ years, email marketing has reigned in at #1 in terms of ROI…

Our B2B lead generation campaigns consist of email marketing, and personalized warm follow ups with prospects until they are ready for a conversation with your company.  Your sales team will be hard pressed to find sales ready leads in the magnitude we deliver.

We deliver sales ready business leads to your inbox, everyday.

Just a few of the perks we offer:

  • Fastest ROI compared with all marketing channels.
  • Targeted email lists provided by us.
  • Campaigns appear to be from your brand/company.
  • Content written in house, by professional copywriters.
  • No long term commitment/long term contract.
  • leads forwarded to your inbox.
  • Amazing customer service.
  • No effect on your normal email inbox.

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B2B Lead Generation FAQ

Q: Will this hurt my current email account?
A: Nope, we will send from domains similar to yours, but separate as to not have any effect on your daily email use.

Q: How many leads will I get?
A: This depends on your company, their target market & the budget for each campaign. Our main goal is to get an ROI as fast as possible, minimizing any risk from you. If you want more leads we can always scale the campaign.

Q: How will I keep up to date on results?
A: We have a custom portal we’ll share with you. Things like your lead count, and campaign statistics will be available there.

Q: How long have you been in business? Looks like this is a new-ish company/website.
A: We’ve been around  & generating leads since 2014. The website is a re-brand to stay up to date with our customers and their needs!

Q: How long after I become a customer before we start generating leads?
A: After we sign a new customer, there is usually 2 weeks of campaign prep. This is where we learn more about your target market, gather the data, warm up the new domain and email addresses, and write your content.

Q: Is there a support line if I have questions or concerns?
A: You can call directly into Andrew. 218.390.9017 with all questions on past, pending, or future.

Q: This all sounds great, now what?
A: Just fill out our form above with your lead generation needs and we will be in touch as soon as we can! Contact us on via email @ contact@b2bdataguy.com if needed as well!

Our strategies work to get you results, here’s why:

Our process is unique & one of a kind. Our data (b2b email lists) are the best in the industry. With virtually a 0% bounce rate, we’re crushing the competition. This means your message is making it to your prospects inbox right on schedule.

We use custom sending domains that are warmed up from the time you on-board, created specifically for your company. When we procure a domain for a new client, it starts sending automated emails to our internal team, building tons of credibility with the ESP’s out in the world. This keeps our domains happy and your leads flowing.

From there, we have some of the best content writers working on your campaign(s). We’re always A/B testing your lead generation campaigns, making sure that each message we send is doing it’s job to turn more heads your way.

As leads start flowing in, we have a small (coffee driven) team working to forward those leads to you in real time so you can follow up with your new lead as it comes in!

What Customers Are Saying:

“We’ve been using them for B2B lead gen for 6 months now. I was skeptical at first, but in the end AuraBloom came through with the ROI. Yes they are young, yes they are small – but they know what they are doing and they get the job done. Great service and value.”

Adam KruvandOwner, Studio2a RenderingsView Studio2a’s Website

“Awesome marketing agency. Their quality of leads is top-notch. Clear and streamlined reports that really give you the data points you need to run a successful marketing campaign. Highly Recommend!”

Robert IdellBusiness Owner, MFG ManufacturingView Delusion MFG

“These guys are talented. They offer quality data at a more-than-reasonable price, and sure know how to put it to work.”

Zach PinnellBusiness Owner, Pinnell Media & ManagementView Pinnell Media