Part 1 – The Call To Action

As we discovered the first post of the series on getting results from cold b2b emails (found here) the goal of a cold introduction is absolutely not to make the sale. Too many cold emails (especially the first one) go for kill shots. They make huge mistakes like:

  • Selling the reader on a service they have never heard of
  • Going for the sale immediately
  • Discussing pricing
  • Talking way too much. (People in general, but especially a cold audience, are not interested to read about your company, its culture, how cool it is, or how long it’s been around. They haven’t heard of it. They don’t care.

What they do care about is money and results. It’s OK to name drop, show statistics, and value — but only when done in the right way.

This leaves us wondering.. Well, what is the goal?

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